Cássio Sá is a Brazilian Folk Rock songwriter, as well as a producer
music with its independent label CS Discos.

His beginnings in music occurred in his childhood, when he gained a
toy guitar and spent his time listening to songs on MTV and trying
learn them by ear. Years later, he started to cover his songs
favorites and post them on Youtube.

His style consists of a fusion of Hard Rock with American Folk, being
presented through songs that unite the weight of the electric guitar with the
lightness of guitar and banjo.

His influences include classic rock (Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Kansas),
Folk (The Youngbloods, Neil Young, Crosby, Nash & Stills).
Their first album, titled “Folk Ya!”, was released in 2015. Following the
do-it-yourself philosophy and taking inspiration from Paul’s first album
McCartney and Foo Fighters, Cássio took responsibility for playing all the
instruments in the album.

Since then, he has released other artists such as the band Perdidos em Jupiter,
Danilo Santana, Oliver Cañete, Surf and Penguins, Benete Silva, as well as his alter ego “Kashoo”.
His work has already gained prominence on major music sites, such as
FolkdaWorld, O Subsolo, Cebola Verde, Papo Alternativo, in addition to the radio shows
What a Folk and Dezgovernadoz by Mutant Radio.

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